Spring (aka Shedding Season)

Winter overstayed her visit this year but Spring seems to have finally stepped in and evicted her bitter cousin. I’m excited to see the irises blooming and fresh leaves just making their appearance on my hydrangea and rose bushes. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. The grass is green thanks to a good rainy day or two. It regenerates a person after a long winter.

But this also means that shedding season is now in full force and it’s the worst time of year in my opinion. We are tackling fur tumbleweeds daily. I could easily spend hours every day raking up the fur from the carpet. I absolutely must rake the carpet before vacuuming because even my trusty Dyson is going to complain this time of year. I spent hours outside this week brushing the dogs and the fur just kept flying. Literally.

I just now raked the carpet again. I’m not Martha Stewart so I don’t clean and vacuum daily. But it’s only been a few days since I raked this carpet and therefore I should not have a fur pile deserving its own postal code! Seriously?

If it wouldn’t be bad for their health I’d be running to buy a set of clippers right now and shaving them both bald today!


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