Knitting Club or Therapy Group?

Over a year ago I organized a knitting club at work at the request of a co-worker. We are a small group of women who gather together at lunchtime twice a week to work on our current projects and chat. We help each other with our patterns, with figuring out a new stitch and with advice on yarn and needle choices. We sit in our knitting circle chatting about anything and everything while our hands are busy creating.

We get a lot of second glances. Many seem surprised when they see out little group spending our lunch hour knitting. Some feel that knitting is such an old fashioned craft, something they expect of a grandmother and not of career-minded women. Others have expressed an interest in learning to knit or crochet. Expressing a desire to learn a craft that has been around for ages like it’s some deep dark secret. To them it seems complicated and impossible. It doesn’t matter who approaches us or the type of question/comment, we always react in the same manner. Please sit down and join us, we are happy to share.

And that my friends is one of the side effects of our little knitting circle. It’s contagious. We’ve got others interested. Curious. Considering the possibilities. Those that express an interest are always encouraged to come and sit and we always offer to teach them. Every single one has expressed their doubt that they can learn to knit. We accept that challenge.

There are others who like to just come and sit with us and join in the conversation while they eat their lunch. They participate in our conversations and seem to enjoy just watching our hands create something new.

The benefits that we’ve derived from this group seem endless. Yes we get to make some progress on our projects and that always feels rewarding. But it’s so much more than that. We’ve built friendships. We give ourselves a little break in our hectic days to do something basic and rewarding. We give our minds some peace. And we all go back to our desks to face our afternoon feeling rejuvenated. It’s so much more than a knitting club. In this crazy modern world it’s exactly what we needed. Who knew?!


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