Take a deep breath and rip it!

I started a poncho at the beginning of October. Or was that September? I can’t remember but it was in the Fall and seems like forever ago. I loved the pattern and it was knitting up quite quickly. Then I put it aside to tackle a number of baby gifts. Then I got sidetracked by fingerless gloves, cowls and other cozy items. You know the drill. All it takes is one yarn sale and we knitters are running around in circles. Or would that be knitting in circles?

I finally picked up the poncho again and finished it in April (except for weaving in the ends). And discovered I didn’t like it. Not attractive on me at all. And the part of the pattern that I loved, the cowl neck, I ended up hating. I put the poncho back in my knitting bag and put it on the shelf. I have repeatedly tried it on hoping that I would change my mind and decide that I did indeed like it but that just wasn’t going to happen. It really did look awful on me and that wasn’t going to suddenly change.

I finally accepted the truth of the matter this week and spent an evening ripping it out. Was I disappointed? Yep! But I finally recognized that I’d never wear it. I may have put many hours into creating it but if it just sat in the closet then they would be wasted hours. So I ripped it out and now I have all this yarn to create something new. Perhaps a super cozy wrap. A ruana maybe? Or a lap blanket? Oh the possibilities! Gotta go now because I need to go stalk Ravelry for a pattern for all this bulky yarn!


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