Endless WIP

I’m just gonna admit it. I’m getting discouraged. This summer shawl I’ve been working on is never going to be finished. I’ve been knitting forever and I’m still not done the body and have yet to even begin tackling that beautiful Celtic knot border.

This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve only got one WIP. I thought it was a good idea so that I could focus on this shawl. I realize now that this approach has backfired and resulted in a lack of focus that means I’m making stupid mistakes.

I’m thinking that I should start something else. The shawl is boring me right now and maybe I need to distract myself with a completely different project. Is that a good idea? Or should I just push on and force myself to get the shawl done? It would be nice to use it this summer but at this rate…


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