Married for 18 years and proud mother of a teenage son. My family includes a husky x shepherd rescue dog, a Golden Mountain Dog (Golden Retriever x Bernese Mountain Dog), a grey long-haired rescue cat and an orange and white rescue tabby cat. Although I currently live in the city, I grew up in the country where I helped tend the vegetable gardens, chased stray cows from the yard and wished on the stars in the huge night sky. I think the first thing I ever baked was an apple cake made with the apples picked from the trees surrounding our yard. I learned to knit at age 6 in the little country school I attended and discovered the joy and frustration of playing a musical instrument at age 10. Many, many years later my mother-in-law taught me to crochet when I was pregnant with my son. I love a good book, preferably while sipping homemade iced tea in my favourite chair on the front porch.