Time for change

I will be shutting down this blog as I focus my efforts on my new blog. For those that were kind enough to follow me here at Country Heart, if you enjoyed my posts about animals then please consider following my new blog Pawsome U. Thank you.

Beat the Heat for Canines

Summer is here. Where I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario we've had ourselves some pretty scorching weather recently. It's hard on us humans but even worse for our furry family members so I thought I'd give you a few tips to help them cope with the summer heat. Water, water and more water! This… Continue reading Beat the Heat for Canines


Endless WIP

I’m just gonna admit it. I’m getting discouraged. This summer shawl I’ve been working on is never going to be finished. I’ve been knitting forever and I’m still not done the body and have yet to even begin tackling that beautiful Celtic knot border. This is the first time in a very long time that… Continue reading Endless WIP


I thought I’d go ahead and introduce you to our 4th furbaby. I’ve left this one to last as he is the oldest of our little zoo and this will be the most difficult one to write about. Meet Chevy. Chevy is our 6-year-old Siberian Husky German Shepherd cross. We rescued him when he was… Continue reading Chevy