Happily Distracted

Sorry I missed posting last week but we were a wee bit busy. My son placed second in his go kart race, only his 4th race ever! Then it was his birthday midweek. And the icing on the cake was attending a celebration at his high school on the Friday where he was presented with 3 scholastic awards. We ended the week with a wonderful, and rare, family dinner out at his favourite restaurant. And we can’t forget Father’s Day for some additional family time. It was a fantastic week to say the least!

I will also confess to having been the slightest bit distracted by new yarn and, therefore, new projects. I have temporarily set aside that wonderful summer shawl to allow myself a break and have purposely distracted myself with 2 new projects. I’m perfectly content.

I decided to knit myself a super soft and cozy blanket for my “Mom Cave.” It gets a bit chilly in there during the winter months and, while I’ve made blankets for others, I’ve never made one for myself. It’s about time I did. I adapted a pattern that I liked and have one pattern repeat completed. It’s turning out a bit larger than planned (yes, I did check my gauge) but I’m okay with that. I’ve got enough yarn to cover it and a bigger blanket just means more cozy. It’s all good!

Since I certainly can’t use the blanket as a commuting project, I needed something else to work on while riding the train each day. So after stumbling across the Caron Cotton Cakes I decided why not make myself a nice summery crochet tote. It’s coming along quite nicely and I’m pleasantly surprised with the yarn. So much so that I think I’m going to have to pick up some more to make some bags as gifts for some of the women in my family.

Next time I want to focus on a project I’ll make sure to remember the lesson I learned this time and keep myself happily distracted.


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