Buddy the… puppy???

If you’ve read my previous post introducing Buddy, you know that he is a very mischievous, daredevil of a cat that has presented us with many challenges. Buddy is only allowed out of his room, my son’s bedroom, when we are home and can supervise him. This is for his own safety. Returning him to his room used to be quite easy… he followed us in there when we gave him his nice smelly dinner of wet food. Did you catch that? The “used to be” part?

Buddy no longer cooperates with the previously established routine. He doesn’t follow us into the room and scream at us to put his dinner bowl down. He no longer walks just in front of us trying to get us to hurry but only succeeding in tripping us up. Nope. Instead he goes to the linen closet in the hall and screams at the door. Why? That’s where his dog treats are hidden!

Yes, you read that right. Buddy prefers dog treats to cat treats. Smart cat – the dog treats are much larger. We accidentally left a bag of Acana Dog Treats out one evening and he found them, ripped the bag to shreds and proceeded to enjoy his personal buffet of freeze dried lamb. After this he wouldn’t eat the cat treats and we started giving him dog treats instead. So now he refuses to go to his room without one of those dog treats. He won’t consider eating his dinner without his preferred appetizer.

I’m waiting for him to start demanding dessert.


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